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“I’ve been a trainee of
EPTAC’s for the past 12 years
and have always had a
great experience.”
- Kathy Leate,
Raytheon Company

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Hands-On Crimp Termination

This course will utilize the IPC-A-620 Cable Wire Harness Standard to discuss the assembly and inspection criteria regarding:

Cable/Wire Preparation,Measuring & Testing Cable Assemblies, Crimp Terminations and Insulation Displacement Connections

EPTAC’s Crimp Termination class is a 1-day, hands-on class for those who need to understand the requirements and practice the skills of the crimp criteria presented in the IPC-A-620. Hands on labs will include but are not limited to wire prep of various gauge wires, CAT 5E wire and conductor ribbon cable. Crimp connections such as Stamped Open Barrel Terminal, Closed Barrel Insulated and Non-insulated Ring Terminal, Closed Barrel Butt Splices, Machine Crimps and Ribbon Cable Connectors.

What Students Receive

Everyone who successfully completes the program will receive:

  • Crimp Assembly Procedures
  • EPTAC Certificate of Training

Course Outline

Introduction to Crimp Terminations

  • Cable/Wire Preparation
  • Measuring Cable Assemblies
  • Crimp Terminations
  • Insulation Displacement Connections
  • Testing Cable Assemblies
  • Practical Session-Crimp Terminations