IDEA-STD-1010 Essentials

  • Author: EPTAC
  • Published: 11-10-2012

*IDEA-STD-1010 Essentials Training Program IDEA-TRN-2500

In cooperation and partnership with IDEA, IDEA-STD-1010 Essentials is designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of the IDEA-STD-1010 "Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market" standard and a thorough understanding of its contents, application and use in the component inspection counterfeit detection process. In addition, this course, provides numerous opportunities to review real-time counterfeit examples in a hands-on environment, where the student can apply his or her knowledge of the standard to actual specimens.

This two-day program is offered to Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Manufacturers (CMs)/Electronics Manufacturing Service Providers (EMSs) and Authorized (Franchised)/Open Market component distributors at all levels of inspection and quality assurance, including technicians and referees involved in the issues surrounding electronic component counterfeit mitigation.

As a bonus this program can be used to prepare for the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam by providing in-depth knowledge to educate you on how to navigate and apply the most widely used standard on counterfeit components in the electronics industry.

Complete IDEA Counterfeit Component Program Schedule

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Note: IDEA-ICE-3000 Certification

*About IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification This program is open to all participates, however; successful completion of this training does not guarantee eligibility for the IDEA-ICE-3000 Exam. For this to occur candidates must be employees of an OEM, CM, EMS Provider, or an IDEA General Member. All prospective IDEA-ICE-3000 Exam candidates must contact IDEA prior to submitting an Exam Application (Click Here) to confirm they have fulfilled all eligibility requirements.

What Students Receive

All attendees will receive:
  • IDEA-STD-1010-B Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market
  • Copy of the Course Presentation
  • EPTAC Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Impact of Electronic Counterfeits
  • Supply Chain and the Underlying Issues
  • Recommended Procurement Processes
  • IDEA-STD-1010 Overview
  • IDEA Organization and Membership
  • IDEA-STD-1010 Navigational Process
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Available Resources
  • Inspection Workstations
  • Testing Techniques
  • Inspector Roles
  • IDEA-STD-1010 Navigational Process (continued)
  • Review Questions
  • Inspection Methods From Box to Components
  • Interactive Hands-On Workshop
  • Marking Test vs Surface Test
  • Additional Testing Methods
  • Requirements of Parts Disposition
  • Final Document Review
  • Discussion of IDEA-ICE-3000 Exam and Certification Requirements


In order to view examples under magnification, students must have access to a laptop computer (students can share, 2-3 students per laptop) with the following minimum system requirements:
  • Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7 or a Mac OS
  • 512MB Ram
  • One (1) available USB port

Upon receipt of registration, EPTAC will send a link for attendees to download and install the software on their laptops for the USB microscope. The registrant must download and install the software prior to the day of the course.