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Inspection: Quick Tips & Techniques for PCB Assembly Inspection

So you understand IPC-A-610 “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies” and are ready to inspect, but where do you start as you stare at a printed circuit board assembly fresh from the line? It can be a daunting task, but if you know how to look, what to look for each pass and how to focus in on problem areas, you can increase your effectiveness and perform inspections in a timely manner. Learn some of the tricks and techniques on how to inspect assemblies and identify problematic production trends.

Topics we will be reviewing are:

  • The what, where and how to look.
  • PTH and SMT inspection techniques.
  • What solder flow or reflow can tell you on a board.
  • Rough pass vs. targeted inspection.

Length: 23 minutes

Cost: FREE

Presenter(s): Leo Lambert

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