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2011 IPC APEX Show in Las Vegas

The schedules are in and it appears the topics of discussion this time around will be related to the 620 cable and harness document, the 600 and 6012 boards’ document and the Assembly and Joining Handbook AJ-820. Additionally we will be discussing the 620 Space document on Wednesday the 13. So all in all it looks like a busy week in Vegas. For the 001 and 610 documents, they were just released and we are taking a rest and it is proposed we start looking at updates for the next revision at the next meeting in Chicago.

I know many of you have called me with questions regarding the existing documents, so I’m asking all of you, if you have any questions or would like some clarification of any segment be it either the specification itself or the training programs, go for it, get back to me.

I’ll be reading my email while in Vegas, so hopefully I can answer or respond to your questions. My email is