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Visual Acuity Requirements for Soldering

Question: What are the requirements for Visual Acuity? Could not find a specific reference in either J-STD-001 or IPC -A-610.

PEM® Nut Soldering Criteria

Question: We have boards with PEM® nuts being soldered during production. Has IPC established minimum soldering criteria for SMT PEM®s?

Solder Flow Near Through-Hole Component Body

Question: We have a through-hole integrated circuit (IC) component that has good wetting when it goes through the wave soldering machine, and the solder climbs pretty far up the lead.

Maximum Limits of Solder Bath Contamination

Question: If we are using a solder pot to tin wires and create solder joints (splices), what Maximum Limits of Solder Bath Contaminant do we adhere to (IPC J-STD-001, table 3-1)? Preconditioning or Assembly? What exactly does Preconditioning mean in this context?

Defining Standard Industry Practices for Torque of Threaded Fasteners

Question: While reviewing IPC-A-610, Section (Torque of Threaded Fasteners), the question of “what is the standard industry practice” came up. I checked several reference documents like IPC-AJ-820 but found nothing that explained this to any length. Can you explain what the “standard industry practice” is?

J-STD-001F 4.5.1 Gold Removal Class 2 Requirement Changed

Question: Why did the IPC make the gold removal requirement for Class 2 products a requirement (D2D3) when in Rev E of J-STD-001 it was a process indicator (P2D3)?

The Use of Bifurcated vs Slotted Terminals

Question: We are trying to understand the rationale for choosing to install bifurcated terminals for power lead attachments versus slotted terminals. For years we’ve designed with slotted terminals in PWBs for leaded component (hi-rel transistors and diodes) and stranded wire straps.

Soldering PTH Components In-line with Stranded Wire

Question: Can a PTH component (resistor, fuse, or solid wire) be reliably soldered in-line with stranded wire? Similarly to a wire lap joint, but with a component between the two wires. Is there an IPC standard that covers this situation?

Scoring of Soldered Boards with Online Testing

Question: I am working through the online testing for our employees. I have a question regarding the score for the solder board for J-STD-001 and how and when that gets submitted in the system. Having worked through the first test and realizing that the test does not get submitted until the end date, that was entered in the system when it was set up, I was thinking that on that date it may ask for a solder score. It does not. Where does this get submitted?

75% Barrel Fill Requirement for Class 2 Change in J-STD-001 Revision F

Question: Why did the IPC change the barrel fill requirement for Class 2 in J-STD-001 Revision F? Revision E allowed 50% when there was a thermal plane. Now, Rev. F states 75% regardless of thermal plane. It all depends on how many leads the component has, with 14 being the magic number.

Could you shed some light on “WHY” the IPC changed the standard?

Is the J-STD-001FS Certification Available

Question: Is the J-STD-001FS Certification available for delivery yet? I know the document is available.

SMT Terminal Style Components Acceptability for Class 3 (J-STD-001 and or IPC-A-610)

Question: Do Nail Head Type surface mount terminals meet the criteria of J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610, or rather, has the IPC established any criteria for this type of component?

J-STD-001 vs NASA 8739.3

Question: Is the IPC’s J-STD-001 going to be replacing or taking a precedence over the NASA STD 8739.3?

J-STD-001F vs Space Addendum

Question: We were looking over the J-STD-001 and the Space Addendum requirements for partially visible or hidden solder connections 4.18.3. Why does the space addendum give you the option to x-ray the parts in Note D, but in the J-STD-001 book there is no option for inspection if you don’t meet the 3 criteria?

J-STD-001FS Space Addendum Module 6 Certificate

Question: I am training my first space addendum class in a few weeks and would like to know how I get the certificate for the specialists I train? They all currently have a valid certificate in the J-STD-001 plus 1 other module.

Information and Training on Reflow Profiling Setup

Question: I am looking for an institute that can teach how to set up individual reflow oven profiles for products. Do you offer anything like this?