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Information and Training on Reflow Profiling Setup

Question: I am looking for an institute that can teach how to set up individual reflow oven profiles for products. Do you offer anything like this?

Answer: EPTAC doesn’t offer any courses on how to set up reflow ovens for thermal profiling. This type of training is typically offered by the equipment manufacturer as each manufacturer has their own specific procedure to make it happen on their equipment.

You can also get some information on how to thermocouple the board itself from the suppliers of thermocouple equipment, such as: KIC, Manncorp, ECD – Mole, Solderstar, or DATAPAQ. These equipment suppliers have their own information on how to thermocouple the board.

There is some amount of work to get this information, but you have to contact both the equipment supplier and equipment manufacturer to get the full treatment.

To be able to do this at a facility would require the availability of the equipment, which is an expensive outlay for training companies. An option could be to contact a training center and have them work at your site with your equipment to train you in developing the profiles.