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Inspection Criteria for Unique Lead Geometry

Question: We are installing a component with a unique lead geometry. It is a PULSE PO429NL inductor. The lead is basically a 16ga wire wrapped around plastic feature. There are four – one on each corner. Since this lead feature is round and not flat which IPC-A-610 solder inspection criteria best fits?

Answer: Thank you for asking what is the correct section of the IPC-A-610 to be used to inspect these solder joints, since the component termination is basically a wire.

The section to use is 8.3.6, Round or Flattened (coined) Gull Wing Leads, and the dimension you are looking for is Dimension Q, Minimum Side Joint Height. The solder joint has G plus ½ of the thickness of the lead and this is illustrated in on page 8-66.