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J-STD-001FS Space Addendum Module 6 Certificate

Question: I am training my first space addendum class in a few weeks and would like to know how I get the certificate for the specialists I train? They all currently have a valid certificate in the J-STD-001 plus 1 other module. I have a training report to fill out after they pass and it says to put the certificate number on there. Do I purchase the certificate prior to the class start date, or is it sent to me after they pass the test?

Answer: The Space Addendum and training program for Rev F is not out yet and if you need to train to the Space Addendum then use the Rev E material and give them the hard copy test. You can no longer buy the certificates as they all now are on line from the IPC.

When you create the class on the IPC Portal, just write it in the box that they took and passed the 001 Space Addendum. Make sure you are logged into the IPC Portal Help desk and you can send them an email asking for the certificate for that particular individual, then they will email it to you. Once you get the certificate you can enter the numbers on the report.

Do yourself a favor when you set up or create your class, don’t put an end date of the class as the last day of the class, use a date a week or so later, so you will have time to update the report and do all the paperwork. If your finish date is the last day of the class you need to close everything that day and you may not have all the information, so by using a later date, the IPC will not close the class on you.