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Component Encapsulation

Question: Do you know of an encapsulant material that is Military Grade and can be used on a SOT-23?

EPTAC Shirts With New Logo

Question: Hello Leo, How does one go about securing a shirt with the latest EPTAC logo? It appears the EPTAC Master Instructors and the Administrative staff have all displayed theirs. Please advise. Thanks in advance for your response.

Selecting the Right Certification for Your Position

Question: 10 years ago I use to be an aeronautical radio technician and I used to maintained(troubleshoot), installed TX/RX radio equipment’s, but I changed my field to management for 5 years and again I decided to be that super technician! I am 36 years old mother of one daughter, and with the will of God I will graduate from Thomas Edison State college, NJ in Electronics Engineering Technology (Associate degree). I would like to ask you which course would be best to specialize in and to be certified to, considering all the information I provided about myself and my experience. Thank you.

Inspection Criteria for Unique Lead Geometry

Question: We are installing a component with a unique lead geometry. It is a PULSE PO429NL inductor. The lead is basically a 16ga wire wrapped around plastic feature. There are four – one on each corner. Since this lead feature is round and not flat which IPC-A-610 solder inspection criteria best fits?

Soldering onto Platinum Pins

Question: Hi Leo, I have never come across soldering on platinum before, are there any soldering techniques you can recommend?

Gum and Hard Candy at a Workstation

Question: I was wondering if you could clarify whether or not gum and hard candy are considered food?

Soldering Minimum Space Requirements

Question: For soldering a wire into a connector fillet, what is the minimum space/area between the wire and the connector walls? Is there a standard for this?

Component Rework Clarification

Question: What is component rework?