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J-STD-001 Space Addendum – Vision Requirements Section 1.10.1

Question: In the J-STD-001 Space Addendum, the vision requirements states it shall be required, but it does not state with what frequency. Is it required every two years?

Answer: That is a great question, and although the document doesn’t specifically state the qualification period, it does state in 1.10 Personnel Proficiency, that objective evidence should include records of training to the applicable job functions being performed, work experience, testing to the requirements of this standard, and/or results of periodic review of proficiency.

With this in mind and the 2 year certification or recertification period for either CIS or CIT, that 2 years would be a good number to use to make sure they are proficient in their visual acuity. I’m not sure if the color blindness test falls into this strategy, that one could eventually go color blind, so I would suggest getting in touch with an Optometrist to provide that answer, and as for the “Far and Near” vision test, I would again side with the optometrist who has conducted this test with the individuals.