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Digital Transformation

Why Manufacturers Need to Invest in Digital Transformation

In this day and age, the demand for speed, quality, security, sustainability, and resilience within the manufacturing industry is paramount. In order to adapt to changing demand and increase sustainability and efficiency, manufacturing firms need to invest in digital transformation. Here’s how digital transformation can affect your manufacturing firm. Supply Chain Resilience As we saw

Energy Industry

3 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

Here are our 3 ways IoT can revolutionize the energy industry and all around reduce the world’s energy consumption.

Internet of Things

3 Ways the Internet of Things Has Impacted Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way business is conducted as new technology continues to guide us through modern day business. The Internet of Things is a complex field that brings together hardware, firmware, software development and data management. IoT devices are cost-effective and impactful when it comes to helping companies gather big

Replacing Silicon

What Materials Will Replace Silicon in Future Tech?

Innovation and our changing society means that the future of technology needs to keep up. Silicon has been the wonder material for the past 70 years. When formulated just right, it can be shaped into a transistor and act as both a conductor and an insulator. Without this fundamental property the entire digital revolution, everything

How IoT Technology Promotes Social Distancing

How IoT Technology Promotes Social Distancing

IoT technology has made it easier for people to stay safe and healthy. Here are some ways IoT technology is keeping us safe.

Electronics Manufacturing Industry

The Biggest Challenges Currently Facing the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Finding solutions to emerging and existing challenges in the electronics manufacturing industry can be a challenge in itself, but EPTAC can help.

How Nanotechnology is Impacting the IoT

Nanotechnology will pave the way for the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) and disrupt the IoT.

Green Smart Homes

Making Smart Homes Green with IoT Technology

Energy efficiency and technology go hand-in-hand. For homes, the Internet of Things brings these two fields together in eco-friendly ways creating green smart homes that save homeowners money and help the environment. With the high demand for green smart homes, IoT technology can be the defining selling point. Below we list the top ways that

Soldering Applications

Do You Know All of the Applications for Soldering?

Soldering is the joining of two metal surfaces mechanically and electrically, with the use of a metal alloy called solder. It secures the connection, so it won’t break loose from vibration or other mechanical forces and provides electrical continuity in some cases. Soldering is used in many different applications from jewelry making to large metalworking

5 Industries Evolving Due to Automation

As automation continues to rise, future jobs will require different skills and, in some cases, higher educational requirements. By 2030, between 75 million and 375 million people may need to gain new skills as part of their search for alternative employment, McKinsey Global Institute reports. Around half of all jobs in America are at high