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Avoidance and Visual Indicators of Counterfeit Parts for Management

This four hour seminar provides a basic introduction to Counterfeit Mitigation as well as an introduction to the IDEA-STD-1010 standard, including training in methods for the visual detection of counterfeit and substandard characteristics. This seminar is designed to inform decision level management of Original Component Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Electronic Contract Manufacturers on the issues surrounding electronic component Counterfeit Mitigation. Franchised / Authorized / Open Market distributors that are in the process of applying or have applied for IDEA membership, and IDEA members in good standing are also welcome. This will be a higher level overview of the processes, procedures and policies of what needs to be reviewed, corrected, and implemented. The goal is to educate the decision makers and strongly encourage them to have their Specialists and Referees attend the Counterfeit Workshop and then obtain IDEA-ICE-3000 certification.

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Who Should Attend:This training seminar is recommended for decision level management of Original Component Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Electronic Contract Manufacturers.

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Date: September 08, 2015
Course Length: 4 Hours
Start Time: 1:00 PM EST
Cost: $99 (eTraining pricing only)

All attendees will receive:

  • Copy of the Seminar Presentation
  • Welcome and Orientation
  • The Common Mistakes
  • Mitigation – “I’m Bullet Proof…”
  • Supply Chains and How You Fit
  • US Department of Commerce Report Highlights
  • Counterfeit Source Infiltration
  • What Policies, Procedures and Processes Need to be Addressed
  • Open Market Distributors vs. Authorized Distributors Inspection Processes
  • Overview of IDEA’s Standard and Organization
  • Counterfeit Workshop Overview
  • IDEA-ICE-3000 Certification
  • What is Our Next Step(s)

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