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IPC-A-600 Instructor Certification – Online Program

This 3-day Instructor Level live online course, for certification, utilizes the images in the IPC-A-600 document to provide visual accept/reject criteria examples for all three classes of bare board fabrication and inspection. The IPC-A-600, “The Acceptability of Printed Boards”, describes the preferred, acceptable, and nonconforming conditions that are either externally or internally observable on printed boards.

The IPC-A-600 specification is the focal point of this course and will be covered in its entirety. As part of the requirements for certification, students must successfully complete and pass all exams to receive a certification.

The following Standard is required for class participation:

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Exam Proctoring Requirements (Now with Remote Proctoring)


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System Requirements


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Everyone who successfully completes the program can receive instructional materials necessary for conducting Certified IPC Specialist Training:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Course Visuals
  • IPC Certificate of Training


  • Introduction
    • General Overview
    • Terms and Definitions
    • Acceptance Criteria
  • Externally Observable Characteristics
    • Board Edges
    • Base Material Surface and Subsurface
    • Solder Coatings and Fused Tin Lead
    • Holes–Plated Through and Unsupported
    • Printed Contacts
    • Marking
    • Solder Resist
    • Dimensional Characteristics


  • Internally Observable Characteristics
    • Dielectric Materials
    • Conductive Patterns
    • Plated Through–Holes (General, Drilled, Punched)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Flexible Printed Circuits
    • Rigid – Flex Printed Boards
    • Metal Core Printed Boards
    • Flush Printed Boards
    • Cleanliness Testing
    • Solderability Testing
    • Electrical Integrity
    • Instructor Skills


  • Course Summary/Review
  • Open Book Examination
  • Closed Book Examination
  • Instructor/Student Conference
  • Wrap-Up

This Program is delivered in English only.