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J-STD-001 Standard Expert Certification – Online Program

This 4-day live online course, for certification, is for anyone looking to become a subject matter expert in J-STD-001, “Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies” without the need to provide any IPC Certification to others.

As a CSE – Certified Standard’s Expert, you have the opportunity to support your organization as a key subject expert on the J-STD-001, interfacing with a variety of functions within your firm and providing critical interpretation support of the standards, without the requirements carried under previous IPC Instructor Certifications.

This is a lecture course only covering the information in the IPC J-STD-001 document and describes materials, methods and acceptance criteria for producing soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. In addition, other topics discussed are relative to Wire and Terminals, Through-Hole and Surface Mount technology-in both lead and lead-free.

The following Standard is required for class participation:

Date: October 18, 2021
Time: 10:00am ET (Eastern Time)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Cost: Call 1.800.643.7822 or email [email protected] for Pricing
Date: December 27, 2021
Time: 10:00am ET (Eastern Time)
Course Length: 32 Hours
Cost: Call 1.800.643.7822 or email [email protected] for Pricing

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Standard(s) and Document(s) Required


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Exam Proctoring Requirements (Now with Remote Proctoring)


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System Requirements


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Everyone who successfully completes the program will receive:

  • IPC Certificate of Training


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Safety in Electronic Assembly
  • General Requirements of J-STD-001
  • Materials, Components and Equipment Requirements
  • General Soldering and Assembly Requirements
  • PCB Requirements
  • Cleaning Process Requirements
  • Progress Check and Review


  • Wire and Terminal Assembly and Soldering
  • Through-Hole Mounting and Terminations
  • Progress Check and Review


  • Surface Mount Technology Requirements
  • Progress Check and Review


  • Coating and Encapsulation
  • Rework and Repair
  • Product Assurance
  • Progress Check and Review

This Program is delivered in English only.