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Re-Establishment of IPC Certification Through Certification or Recertification

Let’s clarify the differences between both Certification and Recertification for re-establishment of an IPC certification. Once the extension time frame or six (6) months has past, the student is no longer certified and must re-establish their certification.

RIT Program Helps Fill Skills Gap by Training Unemployed Vets

When Sean Phelan interviewed for a technical trainer opening at the Harris Communication Systems in March, he realized that he did not have all the needed skills in electronics for the job. But Phelan is now in an electronics training program, Veterans and Displaced Workers in Manufacturing, and when he informed Harris that he was in the

J-STD-001 Revision Changes Regarding The Requirements for Gold Plating Removal

Gold and electronics have had a partnership in products and components for many years. The initial reasoning behind the application of gold to printed circuit boards was to make them more susceptible to the application of wire bonding and for corrosion protection.

Free Seminar: Best Rework Soldering Practices

Free Seminar: Best Rework Soldering Practices. Includes review of topics such as rework practices, cleaning methods, new and evolving technology and the importance of training in your mix.

Free Seminar on Best Rework Practices in Industry

If you are in the area, take a moment to join EPTAC at a Free seminar to discuss the latest tools of the trade and production concepts as they relate to dealing with the rework of printed circuit boards.

EPTAC Instructors Recognized For Industry Support of Standards

We would like to thank Helena Pasquito, Gary Ferrari and Leo Lambert for their continued support of the industry standards and the certification programs they represent. Their efforts allow for the development and fine tuning of the IPC standards we use each and every day, not only in-house, but throughout the world.

NASA’s Adoption of J-STD-001 Space Addendums

We’ve received many inquiries regarding whether or not NASA has adopted the J-STD-001 Space Addendum. The answer is: NASA has adopted J-STD-001 ES and the J-STD-001 documents.

EPTAC Remembers Charlie Priest

Charlie was an IPC Master Instructor, and for that matter one of EPTAC’s first long time regular Master Instructors. Charlie was around at the inception of EPTAC and helped support and develop the respected brand and image that is now EPTAC and was always an advocate for the company and its efforts.

IPC Honors EPTAC’s Own Helena Pasquito and Leo Lambert

At the September 2014, IPC Fall Meeting, the IPC honored Helena Pasquito, Master Instructor and Leo Lambert, Vice President and Technical Director at EPTAC with a Distinguished Committee Service Award for outstanding contributions to both IPC J-STD-001F and IPC-A-610F.

New IPC Policy and Procedures for Training Certification

The IPC has recently released an updated policy and procedures document for all people involved in the training, certification and delivery of IPC Certification Programs. This includes Master Instructors (MIT), Instructors (CIT) and Specialists (CIS).