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Douglas Peck

  • More than forty years’ experience
  • Approved IPC Master Instructor
    • IPC-A-610
    • J-STD-001
    • J-STD-001 Space
    • IPC-7711/7721
  • Approved EPTAC Master Instructor
  • Hand Soldering Skills / Wires & Terminals / Through-Hole Technology / Surface Mount Technology

Industry Experience
Sr. Heat Transfer/Fluid Flow Analyst, North American Aviation Inc.

  • Thermal Design – Apollo Environmental Control System
  • Flow Distribution – Apollo Space Radiators

Itek Corporation

  • Thermal design of optical systems
  • Thermal design of Apollo Panoramic Camera

Teledyne Corporation

  • Pressure vessel, piping, and manifold system analyses for nuclear power plants
  • Liquid sodium vessel analyses

Engineering Manager, STS Division – Exxon Enterprises

  • Managed development and testing of high-efficiency solar collector
  • Directed development of solder hot water, home heating, and air conditioning systems

HTC Corporation

  • Directed development of first conveyorized SMT Vapor Phase reflow systems
  • Directed development of conveyorized IR and convection reflow systems

General Manager, Dynapert-HTC

  • Managed and directed division and 95 personnel in production of HTC Vapor Phase systems
  • Implemented JIT assembly procedures to reduce system hours DeHaart Inc.
  • Managed development and production of screen and stencil printers for SMT and hybrid applications
  • Directed development of first computerized stencil printer

VP-Operations, SRT

  • Managed development and product introduction of SMT and BGA
  • Reworked systems
  • Directed development of 4-axis rework system for SMT and TAB applications

Director, AEIC Inc.

  • Authored Textbook “Mastering BGA Technology”
  • Developed Operator training courses for Through-Hole and SMT Rework/Repair, BGA Rework, ECO Wires, SMT / TH Inspection, Circuit Repair, X-ray Inspection and Fiber Optic Processing
  • Conducted 500+ on-site/off-site operator certification training courses