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Jay Patel

  • More than thirty years’ experience
  • Approved IPC Master Instructor
    • IPC-A-610
    • IPC/WHMA-A-620
    • J-STD-001
    • J-STD-001 Space
    • IPC-7711/21
    • IPC-A-600
  • Approved EPTAC Master Instructor
  • Hand Soldering Skills / Wires & Terminals / Through-Hole Technology / Surface Mount Technology

Industry Experience
Process Engineering Supervisor, Circuit Systems, Inc.

  • Managed and supervised four auto-plating lines, which produced an average of eight to nine thousand panels per day
  • Maintained and ran a direct plating process line, the latest technology in the circuit board industry, replacing the electroless PTH process
  • Performed SPC analysis to meet quality standards

Vice-President and Equity Shareholder, Galdine Electronics, Inc.

  • Establishment of corporate policies and business strategies as well as general management of multi-layer PCB manufacturer
  • Approved and contracted by the United States military for board manufacturing

Vice-President and Equity Shareholder, Cunningham Graphics, Inc.

  • Management of facilities and operations of a PCB manufacturer
  • Management of prototype shop equipped to handle all in-house production processes ranging from single-sided to multi-layer PC boards