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Leo Lambert

As Technical Director for EPTAC Corporation, Leo oversees content of course offerings and provides customers with expert consultation

  • More than forty years’ experience.
  • Specific expertise in soldering, metallurgy and cleaning processes
  • Co-author of the industry’s most popular publications, including the IPC-A-600 Training Program, “The Acceptability of Printed Boards”
  • Inducted into the IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame


  • Author of “Soldering for Electronic Assemblies”, Published by Marcel Dekker, 1987
  • Published/Presented numerous papers on Soldering and Cleaning
  • Chairman of the Assembly & Joining Committee
  • Recipient of IPC President Award
  • Charter member of J-STD-001 Committee
  • Active participant of the following IPC committees: ANSI-J-STD-001, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC-6012, J-STD-002, J-STD-003, IPC/WHMA-A-620, J-STD-001 & IPC-A-610 Handbook
  • Charter Member on the United Nation Environmental Program – Technical Solvent Options Committee to reduce CFCs
  • Co-author of the IPC-A-600 Training program “The Acceptability of Printed Boards”
  • Recipient of Distinguished Committee Service Award for contributions to
    • IPC-A-610 & J-STD-001 specifications
    • The development of Surface Mount and Plated Through-Hole solder joint evaluation videos
    • Master Instructor for IPC-A-610, IPC-6012 and IPC-A-600

Industry Experience
Vice President, Technical Director, Consultant, EPTAC Corporation

  • Technical advisor to course development and subject matter
  • Development and presentation of seminars
  • Working with clients of various industries in developing manufacturing processes for both Plated Through-Hole and Surface Mount technologies
  • Conducting sub-contractor manufacturing audits
  • Providing technical support to EPTAC client base
  • Providing manufacturing support to all electronics manufacturers
  • Conducting process and quality improvement evaluations
  • Troubleshooting product manufacturing processes
  • Developed and presented seminar series on
    • “Deadline to Lead Free”
    • “Thriving in a RoHS/WEEE Environment”
    • Conducted webinar on Lead Free Product Design

Manufacturing Consultant Engineer, Digital Equipment Corporation

  • Developed specifications for printed wiring board assembly & fabrication
  • Supported Domestic and International Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • Provided corporate technical consulting services for quality workmanship in areas of soldering and ceaning
  • Provided staff training in areas of solder quality and acceptance criteria
  • Developed repair process for removal and replacement of large form factor devices

Manufacturing Engineer, Honeywell Boston Computer Operations

  • Manufacturing Engineer for PWB Assembly Operations
  • Author of “Soldering for Electronic Assemblies”, Published by Marcel Dekker, 1987