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Ryan Baird

  • More than five years’ experience
  • Approved IPC Master Instructor
    • IPC-A-610
    • J-STD-001 – Pending
    • IPC/WHMA-A-620 – Pending
  • Approved EPTAC Master Instructor
  • Hand Soldering Skills / Wires & Terminals / Through-Hole Technology / Surface Mount Technology

Industry Experience
Instructor – Matric Limited

  • Conducted internal IPC-A-610 Specialist training to new and existing employees
  • Managed IPC-A-610 training materials, schedules and employee IPC Portal training records
  • Provide continual skill level training and assessments as needed

Assembler – Matric Limited

  • Responsible for surface mount assembly line operation
  • Specialized in surface mount hand soldering
  • Performed component rework and board level repair as needed

Educational Experience

  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Concentration in Secondary Education
  • IPC Certified Instructor