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SolderTip #42: Request for EPTAC Webinar Topics

Question:  Do you have a topic or issue you would like us to discuss in an upcoming webinar?

Answer:  If the answer is yes, then we need you to send us an email.

For the past three years of webinars, yes, three years, EPTAC has been delivering webinars based on our experience in working with customers and students both in class and on the factory floor.

Now it is your turn. If you have a topic we missed, would like to address again, or address in more detail let us know. It may be an issue that has been batted around or a discussion or problem that continues to plague your production process. If you think it will help you and others, then let us know.

Please submit your requests or topics to Leo Lambert at [email protected] or you can contact us directly at 800.643.7822, x215.