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All Categories
  • All Categories
  • Aerospace Requirements
  • Bare Board Inspection
  • Cable Wire Harness Assemblies
  • Component Rework/Board Repair
  • Counterfeit Components
  • PCB Design
  • Soldering
  • Visual Inspection
All Locations
  • All Locations
  • EPTAC Akron Training Center
  • EPTAC Atlanta Metro Training Center
  • EPTAC Binghamton Training Center
  • EPTAC Boston Training Center
  • EPTAC Buffalo Training Center
  • EPTAC Chicago Training Center
  • EPTAC Connecticut Training Center
  • EPTAC Corporation – Manchester, NH
  • EPTAC Corporation of Canada – Markham, ON
  • EPTAC Florida Training Center
  • EPTAC Long Island Training Center
  • EPTAC Los Angeles Training Center
  • EPTAC Minnesota Training Center
  • EPTAC Missouri Training Center
  • EPTAC Ottawa Training Center
  • EPTAC Pittsburgh Training Center
  • EPTAC Rochester Training Center
  • EPTAC San Diego Training Center
  • EPTAC Seattle Training Center
  • EPTAC Silicon Valley Training Center
  • Halifax, NS
  • Syracuse, NY
All Training
  • All Training
  • IPC Instructor
  • IPC Specialist
  • IPC Standard Expert
  • Knowledge Based
  • PCB Designer
  • Skill Based
All Certifications
  • All Certifications
  • EPTAC Certification
  • IDEA Certification
  • IPC Certification
  • IPC Challenge Test
  • IPC Recertification

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EPTAC has been helping corporations increase quality standards, improve productivity, and maximize profits for over 30 years. With nineteen (19) locations in North America, online courses and webinars, and on-site training, EPTAC is continuously expanding its offerings and exceptional instructional staff to provide easy access to knowledge and skill-based programs when and where the industry demands it.


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