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Damage Prevention When Soldering Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Ceramic chip capacitors have been around for years and used in a variety of assemblies, but as their size has shrunk over time, their susceptibility to damage has continued to rise. Add to this, the transition to lead free soldering materials, which have imposed more rigidity and reduced flexibility on solder joints, resulting in additional stress issues on these small devices. Take a moment and spend some time with us as we explore the options of tooling, materials and temperatures to alleviate the possibility of cracking these components.

Topics we will be reviewing are:

  • Fundamentals that are impacting these components.
  • Design considerations including larger pads or land areas.
  • Tooling and their role from soldering irons, hot air and pre-heaters.
  • Temperature and process control considerations.
Course Length: 28 Minutes
Cost: FREE
Presenter(s): Leo Lambert
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