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New Amendments to IPC-A-610F & J-STD-001F and What You Need to Know

You may or may not be aware that the IPC has released Amendments to the popular IPC-A-610F and J-STD-001F, but you may not be aware that they contain not only corrections to the current document revisions, but additional requirements not previously mentioned in the existing standards.

Join us for a moment as we review the new amendments, what corrections exist, how they affect your current requirements, the new specifications and how this all impacts the current online testing system.

Topics we will be reviewing are:

  • Corrections to the existing revision currently in print.
  • New requirements being published.
  • Impact to online testing questions and procedures.
  • How to obtain these new documents.
Course Length: 41 Minutes
Cost: FREE
Presenter(s): Leo Lambert
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