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The Fundamentals of Solder Joint Design – Part 2 – Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Part 2 in this series, has everything to do with Surface Mount Technology, or more importantly surface mount components. In the previous discussion we explained that the majority of these solder joints fail by many years of fatigue, or more importantly, by stress fractures occurring over years of cycling in the environment. We continue with this series by reviewing the soldering process as it relates to SMT assemblies and how we can best interpret formulas and calculations that lead us in a direction to better understand, or predict, how a solder joint will fair after many years of service and exposure in their operating environment. Join us again as we finish this two part series and discuss how this all relates to surface mount component assemblies.

Topics we will be reviewing are:

  • Solder Joint Creation 101 for Surface Mount Components.
  • The three structural components of the SMT solder joint.
  • Applicable formulas for SMT designs.
  • Examples of these formulas in action.


Course Length: 21 Minutes
Cost: FREE
Presenter(s): Leo Lambert
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