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The Proper Use of Training Instructor Guides in Delivering IPC Certification

Well, you have just received your new Instructor Certification and you are off to teach your students all the latest and greatest technology and standards. Armed with an Instructor Guide, you prepare for your classes, but do you understand the importance of the guide and how to use it? Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran at training and have long since tossed the guide aside in your normal class to class activities. Is that a good thing? Is critical information falling to the wayside, being inadvertently left out because you are not following an instructor guide? Well, let us share some of our insight into the delivery of these programs from the student level and instructor level and where the Instructor Guide plays a role in the educational process.

Topics we will be reviewing are:

  • The role of the Instructor Guide (IG).
  • The proper use of an Instructor Guide in and out of class.
  • The view of the IG from the student’s perspective as well as the instructors.
  • Dealing with updates to documents/standards and incorporation into the IG.


Course Length: 33 Minutes
Cost: FREE
Presenter(s): Leo Lambert
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