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Interactive Inspection Lab

This is a 1-day course utilizing lectures, visual acuity exercises, and physical assemblies to provide the students with an experience in visually inspecting printed circuit assemblies. Knowledge base programs identify differences between good and bad conditions, but how are the inspectors going to find these differences? This course will provide the students with an inspection process to physically review the product to determine whether or not it meets the customer quality requirements. The students will learn how to find the problem areas on the assemblies with a focus on improving product yields. They will learn how to improve their discrimination skills through the power of observation.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Terms and definitions
  • Why inspect
  • How to inspect
Observation Skills Practice 1
The Needs of Visual Inspection
  • Good Visual Acuity
  • The ability to detect differences
  • Review of Basic Manufacturing Knowledge
  • Systematic approach
  • Patience, Discipline, Consistency
Inspection Lab 1: Through-Hole Board
  • Review results of Lab 1
  • Discuss improvements
Observation Skills Practice 2
Inspection Lab 2: Surface Mount Board
  • Review results of Lab 2
  • Discuss improvements
Observation Skills Practice 3
Inspection Lab 3: Mixed Technology Board
  • Review results of Lab 3
  • Discuss improvements
  • Instructor to grade results
Wrap up
  • Certificate of Attendance

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