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Refund and Cancellation Policy

EPTAC Corporation is a business-to-business training provider only.  We do not provide training to private citizens paying for training themselves.

Admission Requirements/Procedures
For many courses, there is no admission requirement.  Others require an understanding of the electronics process and soldering experience.  Attendees may enroll in a course through their employer.

Completion Requirements
Students must attend the scheduled class date(s), participate in any hands-on skill requirements as well as any written exam requirements.  Grading may vary from class to class on passing grade requirements. EPTAC complies with the grading structure regulated by IPC for all IPC programs taught.


On-Site classes: Once training date are confirmed in writing, any airfare, shipping cost, hotel and/or car rental costs incurred by EPTAC, even upon cancellation, are the responsibility of the customer.

All enrollments:  If you cancel or reschedule your registration from the course on or before the first day of instruction, you will be charged a $150 administrative fee. To cancel or reschedule, you must provide written notice to the office by contacting us by email at cancel@eptac.com. Rescheduled enrollments will be able to use paid funds for the rescheduled dates. Students may not use credits from previous education toward courses at EPTAC.

Class enrollment count can be increased based on the recommended class size. Class enrollment count can be decreased; however, you will be charged for the recommended minimum class size if the enrollment drops below this parameter unless otherwise agreed upon with EPTAC. Changes are subject to the above-aforementioned cancellation policy.

With regard to online training, which is delivered live by an instructor over the Internet (currently our eTraining Programs), if you cancel your registration, you will be charged a $10 administrative fee. To cancel you must provide written notice by contacting us by email at cancel@eptac.com prior to the program start date to obtain a valid cancellation and a full refund less cancellation fee. Refunds for students receiving benefits from federal programs will be in accordance with the federal policy, rules, and regulations. (Hedc 307.01)

Partial refunds will be made if a student cancels or is dismissed before half of the instruction period has been completed.

No refund will be made if a student cancels or is dismissed after more than half of the instruction period has been completed.

All refunds shall be paid within thirty (30) days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal.

Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules, and regulations.

Refunds may not apply to books, supplies, and other items if those items were consumed by the student and can no longer be sold or used in future courses. (Hedc 307.03)

Full refunds are issued if EPTAC procured the enrollment as a result of any false representations in the written materials used or in oral representations made on behalf of EPTAC; or if the student withdraws on or before the first day of instruction (less the administrative fee above). (Hedc 307.02)

EPTAC Corporation reserves the right to cancel or change the training dates. EPTAC Corporation will not be held liable for any expenses, loss of income, or inconvenience caused by a cancellation. Purchasing of refundable airfare is strongly recommended.

Transfer of Credit
Due to the nature of our courses, there is no transfer of credits as there are no credits earned in the programs.

Complaint Process
Students may file a grievance with EPTAC in writing.  Issues are best resolved by being addressed immediately. If the issue is discussed with the trainer of the course, that trainer will then notify the office.  If the issue cannot be discussed with the trainer, please contact Operations, eptac@eptac.com, to let us know.

If the matter cannot be resolved in the above manner, students may contact the Office of Career School Licensing, Department of Education, 101 Pleasant St., Concord, NH  03301, (603) 271-6443.