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IPC-A-620 Instructor

This 4-day lectured course is a comprehensive, instructor-level certification that teaches inspection and assembly criteria for all three classes of cable and wire harness assembly. This course is based on the IPC/WHMA-A-620, “Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies”, the most widely used inspection specification for the cable and wire harness assembly industry.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction/Policy and Procedures
  • Module 2: Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies and Applicable Documents
  • Module 3: Wire Preparation
  • Module 4: Soldered Terminations
  • Module 5: Crimp Terminations

Day 2

  • Review and Review Exercise
  • Module 5 (cont.): Crimp Terminations
  • Module 6: Insulation Displacement (IDC)
  • Module 7: Ultrasonic Welding
  • Module 8: Splices
  • Module 9: Connectorization

Day 3

  • Review and Review Exercise
  • Module 9 (cont.): Connectorization
  • Module 10: Molding / Potting
  • Module 11: Cable Assemblies and Wires
  • Module 12: Marking Labeling
  • Module 13: Coaxial and Twinaxial Cable Assemblies
  • Module 14: Wire Bundle Securing

    Day 4

    • Review and Review Exercise
    • Module 14 (cont.): Wire Bundle Securing
    • Module 15: Shielding
    • Module 16: Cable/Wire Harness Protective Coverings
    • Module 17: Installation
    • Module 18: Solderless Wrap
    • Module 19: Testing/Review


Day 5 – Optional Hands-On Labs

  • Module 1: Lab Overview
    • Review harness assembly print, materials and tooling
  • Module 2: Wire Prep and Solder Termination – no soldering
    • Cut and semi-stripping five wires
    • Install wires onto the harness board
  • Module 3: Lug Crimp Terminations
    • Cut, strip and crimp two styles of lug-type terminals
    • Install wires onto the harness board
  • Module 4: Pin Crimp Terminations
    • Cut, strip and crimp two styles of pin terminals
    • Install wires onto the harness board
  • Module 5: Coaxial Terminations
    • Cut, strip RG59 wire; assemble two coaxial connections
    • Install wires onto the harness board
  • Module 6: IDC Terminations
    • Cut, strip CAT5 wire; crimp two IDC connectors
    • Install wires onto the harness board
  • Module 7: Mass Terminations
    • Cut, ribbon cable; crimp two mass termination connectors
  • Module 8: Harness Securing
    • Secure the cable using tie-wraps and lacing cord







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