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IPC Designer Certification

IPC Designer Certification
The IPC Designer Certification or CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) is the industry’s premier professional development program directly focused on PCB design philosophy and requirements. If your passion is the transformation of electrical schematics and descriptions into works of art that can be manufactured, assembled and tested, this program is for you.

This 4-day, lectured course (3-days lecture, 1-day testing and review), goes beyond the fundamentals of component placement and track routing to encompass a complete understanding of all the elements that go into the development of a printed circuit board, from design consideration, layout principles, component and assembly issues, to the overall physical demands and requirements that need to be met to create a producible, quality product.

Taught by recognized industry professionals, this program enhances your experience by exposing you to IPC Certified Instructors that have a broad expertise and appreciation for the process. This course is also an excellent course for anyone involved in the development, design and fabrication, at any level from sales, management, procurement, or quality in printed circuit board production.

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, you will receive a certification that is recognized throughout the industry, bringing additional credentials to your technical expertise.


Everyone who attends will receive four key IPC standards and the Designer Certification Study Guide that describes their application.

Note: Participants are expected to be familiar with course materials prior to class.

  • IPC-2221 Generic Standard On Printed Board Design
  • IPC-2222 Sectional Standard on Rigid Organic Printed Boards
  • Designer Certification Study Guide (hardcopy)

Everyone who successfully completes the program will receive:

  • IPC Designer CID Certification (with passing Exam score)
  • Publication of your certification as an IPC Certified Designer
  • Registered certification with the IPC for future validation


  • Introduction to the Designer Certification
  • Design Considerations
  • Layout Principles
  • Component and Assembly Issues
  • Review


  • Component and Assembly Issues Continued
  • Printed Board Characteristics
  • Documentation and Dimensioning
  • Review


  • Certification Testing Begins
  • Review and Discussion
  • Final Wrap-up

An understanding of the English language, both oral and written is all that is required to benefit from this IPC Designer Certification Program. ESL Students are encouraged to inquire.

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