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If you’re not producing product efficiently, timely and with consistent quality, your may have some serious problems with your process.

The consultants at EPTAC are the industry leaders when it comes to identifying problems, deficiencies and areas within your operation that need improvement.

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Meet with our specialists. Discuss your specific needs, goals, and capabilities. We will study your entire manufacturing process – from vendors and outsourced product – to quality control – to packaging and handling.

Identify Deficiencies

EPTAC consultants will work quickly to find the sources of a problem. Our team will identify your areas of deficiency and pin-point your problems.

Provide Solutions

We will outline new procedures designed to eliminate deficiencies. You’ll get concrete solutions to real obstacles. Technical advise, vendor evaluation, acceptability standards and workflow procedures are all part of a total process audit.

Implement Recommendations

EPTAC consultants will work with you to implement the necessary changes or manage and orchestrate the recommendations for you. Either way, you will not be left alone to address critical issues and decisions.

Consulting Issues

  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Analysis
  • Evaluation of Subcontractors
  • Clean and No-clean Evaluations
  • Outsourcing Contract Assembly
  • Manufacturing Packaging
  • Selection of Solder and Flux
  • Equipment Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Training and Certification
  • Specification Interpretation
  • Product Inspection to Industry Standards
  • Product Rejection and Dispute Arbitration
  • Process Audits
  • Expert Witness
  • Manufacturing Start-up
  • In-house Seminars

Assembly Issues

  • Cracked Solder Joints
  • Solder Bridges
  • Process Damaged Components
  • Solder Balls
  • Contamination of Solder Joints
  • Missing Components
  • Cold Solder Connections

Have a question about training or IPC certification?

EPTAC has the knowledge and expertise to help you train your staff, understand your process, and increase production. We are committed to answering your questions promptly, and we look forward to hearing from you.