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If you have landed here, you obviously have not found a class that meets your needs, or you have, but you want it tailored to your particular process, product, or student requirements

EPTAC can help. With a vast experience in course development and delivery, EPTAC can take your concept and convert it to a training reality. Working from scratch, modification of an existing program, or maybe just tweaking a curriculum, EPTAC can work to create a program that targets your educational requirements to give you that extra edge on improving your effectiveness in today’s market.

Just a Few Examples
Along with modifications to our existing class curriculum, here are just a few examples of programs that EPTAC has worked on over the years.

  • Employee Soldering Assessment
  • New Hire Skills Assessment
  • Assembly Drawing Interpretation
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Mechanical Measurement
  • Safety Wire Installation
  • Soldering Process Implementation
  • Specific Product Assembly

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