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Addressing Missing PCB Pads From Soldering Rework

Question: We have a class 3 product that has some missing pads, that were removed during a rework process. If I epoxy the component in place, does the product still meet with class 3 requirements?

Answer: This is a difficult topic to answer as it has to be defined between the manufacturer and the supplier or customer.

As stated, if the pads were removed during the rework process, the board was damaged and this will have to be documented and dis-positioned. After the disposition, it may be required to repair the damage and replace the pads, but since the pads are not used then perhaps the disposition may be to use the board as is, with the missing pads.

Secondly, using epoxy to secure the component may not be acceptable unless it is approved by the customer.

Meeting the requirements of class 3 is more than just solder joints and whether or not pads are there. It is about the process and the process steps taken to manufacture the product, the qualification of the materials, the proficiency of the operators, etc. So to ask “does the condition meet class 3 requirements?” is very difficult to determine not knowing all the parameters involved and not having the documentation and information about the product.