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EPTAC Shirts With New Logo

Question: Hello Leo, How does one go about securing a shirt with the latest EPTAC logo? It appears the EPTAC Master Instructors and the Administrative staff have all displayed theirs. Please advise. Thanks in advance for your response.

Answer: That’s a good question and probably a little more difficult to answer than some of the questions I usually receive. We use to have a t-shirt that said “Get Certified” with the EPTAC logo on it, but we have not printed them in some time, although we are looking at doing those again. We are looking at running a new batch of shirts with the new look some time soon, so you may want to keep in touch with us, so that if you are interested in a shirt we can get you one. They probably will be sold at cost to customers. Thank you for your interest and loyalty to the brand and honoring us with wanting to display it.