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IPC 620 Compliance of Poke Home – Junction Box

Question: There is a product called Poke Home – Junction Box with the URL to a specification sheet at:

The application we are looking at will be to connect an IC package to the wires without using the typical printed circuit board and soldering the component and wire to the substrate. The final product will be exposed to vibration and shock testing. Can you let us know if this would comply with the IPC-A-620 standard or not?

Answer: This connector scheme is not in the 620 document, hence it does not meet the requirements of that particular document.

It is acceptable, however; if it is required by the product designer and the information is documented on the authorized product or master drawing, then this condition overrides the requirements of 620B and can be acceptable to use in your product.

From your email it also appears your application is based upon assembling the IC to the cable through this connector scheme. This has to be reviewed quite carefully due to the vibrations and movement during its operational life, to make sure you don’t fracture the component lead at the lead to component termination.