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IPC CIS Training Reporting

Question: I just recently provided the CIS on the IPC-A-620 standard within my organization and the training was very fun. All the documentation provided in the trainer kit is very helpful. After the course, I sent the report of application specialist training to [email protected], but I never received a confirmation back. My question is, should I expect a confirmation from the IPC or I can print the CIS certificates?

Answer: Congratulations on teaching your first IPC-A-620 class and I’m glad to hear it was a success.

Upon completion of the class you should print the IPC-A-620 CIS Certificates for all successful attendees. Next you complete the IPC Training report for all successful attendees recording their contact information, test grades as well as their certificate number.
Then you submit the completed report to IPC at [email protected]

When IPC enters this information into their database, if they find they require additional information, they will contact you with their request. Otherwise, no news is good news.