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EPTAC Corporation Develops A Trio of Hands-On IPC-A-620 Programs for Solder, Crimp and Cable Harness Assembly

Posted on 2nd August, 2012 by 36creative

Cable AssemblyManchester, NH – August 6, 2012 – EPTAC Corporation, an international leader in electronics training and IPC certification, has created three training programs to address the ever increasing needs to develop the skills required to assemble soldered terminals, crimped lugs, various connectors and ultimately entire cable assemblies within a defined harness.

Based on the widely adopted standard, IPC/WHMA-A-620, “Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies”, the programs are designed to offer students the experience of soldering, crimping and assembling a complete harness assembly. The programs are broken into three levels, based on the skills required for the tasks being performed. They are:

The Hands-On Crimp Termination Training program includes, but is not limited to, wire prep of various gauge wires, CAT 5E wire and conductor ribbon cable. Crimp connections cover such types as Stamped Open Barrel Terminals, Closed Barrel Insulated and Non-insulated Ring Terminals, Closed Barrel Butt Splices, Machine Crimps and Ribbon Cable Connectors (Mass Termination).

The Hands-On Crimp and Soldered Termination Training program covers all of the crimp terminations experienced above, plus the introduction of soldering and inspection of five (5) different types of terminal connections commonly used in industry. Assembly and inspection for accept/reject criteria is based on both the IPC-A-620 and J-STD-001, “Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies”.

The Hands-On Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Training program takes the process one step further by allowing the participate to perform various terminations on wires assembled into cables and take those cables, following assembly prints, and build a complete harness assembly dressed and laced. This program can also be tailored to specific customer demands.

EPTAC is an internationally recognized solder training and IPC certification corporation, giving professionals the skills to accelerate their careers and businesses the talent to succeed. For over 25 years, EPTAC has been helping corporations increase quality standards, improve productivity, and maximize profits.

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