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EPTAC Remembers Charlie Priest

Posted on 22st October, 2014 by Leo Lambert

Charlie Priest

In Memory of Charlie Priest

A long time friend and retired Master Instructor of EPTAC Corporation, Charlie Priest passed away this past week. Our thoughts are with his family and friends where all will miss his presence.

Charlie was an IPC Master Instructor, and for that matter one of EPTAC’s first long time regular Master Instructors. Charlie was around at the inception of EPTAC and helped support and develop the respected brand and image that is now EPTAC. He was always an advocate for the company and its efforts.

Charlie was not only loved by all here at EPTAC, but probably more so by the students under his tutelage. As a bigger than life figure in the classroom, he was a “teddy bear” when it came to helping students and nurturing them in their educational progress. Charlie’s focus was to teach functional skills that would better the student’s efforts and allow them to be successful in their careers as a whole.

Always with a smile on his face, Charlie’s voice lent a calm to a room even during difficult times. He was one of those people that knew everyone at some point, or if he did not, knew someone you may know. He could put the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to shame sometimes. In essence, just a likeable guy.

We are all better for knowing Charlie, something we are thankful for, a reminder of the good you can find in people. Our thoughts are with Charlie as we carry on his efforts to inspire and support the students we continue to work with. I am sure he would be proud.

To Charlie…

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