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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Posted on 2st September, 2021 by EPTAC Staff

To survive in the electronics manufacturing industry, companies need to be innovative and quick. But to excel and stand the test of time, companies need to be able to find solutions to emerging and existing challenges in the industry. These challenges aren’t just with the electronic products themselves, either. Here are some of the biggest challenges currently facing the electronics manufacturing industry.

Meeting the Demand for Smart Electronics Devices
With the rising demand of smartphone devices that have now become a necessity in our lives, consumers want everything “smart”. Smart TVs, smart security, and even smart refrigerators have been put on the market to meet consumer demand. But smart devices have paved the way to smaller smart devices like smartwatches, cellphones, remotes, and other fitness devices. These smaller devices now require assembly of miniscule parts – adding another layer to the electronics manufacturing industry. Micro parts require micro machines that are small enough to assemble these smart devices through micro dispensing of adhesives, and this is where the challenge lies.

There are only a few manufacturing companies that offer the micro dispensing technologies needed for small smart device assembly. Without the small, precise amounts of adhesives and silicones the electronics manufacturing industry will be in trouble. These fluids make it possible for us to check our heart rates with our fitness trackers or answer a call from our watches as they hold these devices together.

Short Product Lifecycle
All the devices mentioned above – smart watches, fitness trackers, smart phones – are all part of “trends” in the electronics industry. Since consumers change their minds as often as the weather, this could mean a particular product could fly off the shelf one week then a week later, nobody is interested. Due to the ever-changing trends in the electronics industry, and fluctuations in production it can be difficult for manufacturing companies to accurately predict and maintain their production goals.

Eco-Accommodating Procedures
Consumers are also becoming increasingly educated on environmental safety and taking this into account when selecting a product or company to support. Consideration for environmental safety from businesses is just as important as an individual’s consideration. Environmental change insights have caused businesses to investigate more eco-friendly assembling solutions especially in the electronics manufacturing industry. Things like carbon top and carbon exchanging are being investigated as a solution in green electronics manufacturing.

Demand for Energy Efficient Products
Electronics manufacturers are also feeling the pressure from consumers to develop products that don’t consume as much energy. The surge of interest in solar energy and energy reduction is nothing new but as more consumers and businesses discover the cost-effective benefits from it, the demand is increasing. Adopting a green manufacturing process can help, but manufacturers also must find innovative ways to develop products that won’t cost them as much to create or cost the consumer too much to buy while meeting energy-efficiency demands.

Manufacturers who can stay ahead of these challenges and keep their skills up to date will benefit immensely. To do our part during this challenging time EPTAC has expanded our IPC certification programs to include eTraining options and remote proctoring for certification and recertification courses. In addition to our classroom and onsite training programs, you can enjoy the convenience of online training with live interaction and instruction from EPTAC’s Master Instructors.

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