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The Why Behind IDEA-ICE-3000 Certification

Posted on 17st October, 2013 by Leo Lambert

Lia Powell

Lia M. Powell, Program Manager, Independent Distributors of Electronics Association

Many people are unaware that any OEM, CM, or EMS provider can enroll its quality personnel in the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam (IDEA-ICE-3000). This program, which is available now, can help your company secure the inspection expertise and detection solutions it needs.

In fact, a number of quality electronics companies lead the industry in IDEA-ICE-3000 certifications. IDEA-ICE-3000 was developed to provide the industry with a means to substantiate the capabilities that are essential to the visual inspection of product and its packaging for nonconforming and suspect counterfeit characteristics.

IDEA-ICE-3000 continues to garner industry recognition for providing a leading validated source for the demonstration of specialized inspection techniques, knowledge of industry best-practices and standards, and research skills necessary for the inspection of electronic components.

Why IDEA-ICE-3000 certification?

  • Increased confidence in the achievement of customer satisfaction.
  • It is a highly cost effective form of training and certification.
  • Higher levels of quality assurance and inspection competency.
  • Opportunity to learn robust identification and prevention techniques.
  • Chance to stay on top of trend developments in counterfeit components.
  • Possibility to reduce liability insurance costs by better protecting the supply chain.
  • Satisfies requirements for continuing education.

IDEA-ICE-3000’s rigorous curriculum is based on IDEA-STD-1010: Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market, industry standards, and best-practices relevant to the open market. The program challenges the candidate in practical inspection knowledge as well as the access and usage of relevant reference materials in the workplace.

IDEA just released its newest version of IDEA-ICE-3000 that it is now available to all candidates eligible for certification. The new revision was created and formatted for optimal user experience and interaction and includes over four times the total available question content than the previous version. The exam program is accessed through a secure online interface that offers each candidate a convenient, efficient, and unique testing environment.

In summary, IDEA-ICE-3000 provides an easily accessible program for inspection certification that will benefit your company’s first line of defense against counterfeit and nonconforming product. Enrollment is simple — click here for more information.

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