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A Growing Opportunity in Smart Home Security

Posted on 21st February, 2019 by Leo Lambert

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The best way to protect a smart home is with a smart home security system. Rapid developments in areas like IoT and AI have transformed the home security market enabling the development of new smart solutions in home protection. After analyzing the upward trends of general home security systems and understanding their share in the smart home market, it’s clear that smart home security solutions offer an opportunity for OEMs that should not be ignored.

Home Security Surge

Since the invention of the first home security system in 1966, technological advancements have enabled the creation of secure and efficient systems that are becoming more commonplace in homes today. A result of time and product development, experts project the value of the home security market will be $74.75 billion by 2023, a significant increase from its $45.58 billion valuation in 2018. Recent developments in IoT and wireless capabilities have also contributed to the growth of this market.

Smart Security for the Smart Home

The same technology that has transformed the way consumers interact with their homes is also changing the way they protect them. Under the umbrella that is smart home technology, smart security systems are rapidly growing in popularity and capabilities. Experts are projecting the smart home security market to climb well past its 2017 $670 million valuation to reach $2.66 billion by 2025. In fact, smart home security systems are expected to make up 19.4% of the smart home market by 2022, further exemplifying this segment’s climb.

Opportunity for OEMs

Many OEMs are already racing to capture a slice of this growing market segment by producing fully-comprehensive smart home security systems. New players like Ring and Netatmo feature a range of security accessories behind their flagship smart video doorbells and accompanying applications. Major home security companies like ADT have also bought into the excitement, announcing the launch of their smart home security platform in early 2019.

While some adoption barriers do exist in the form of data security concerns and underdevelopment of apartment security systems, the convenience of smart technology will likely outweigh these apprehensions and continue contributing to this segment’s growth.

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