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How IoT Technology Promotes Social Distancing

Posted on 2st September, 2021 by EPTAC Staff

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses, consumers, and everyday life are still being affected. Technology has adapted at rapid speeds to keep up with the shift and dependence on Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). While vaccines have started rolling out, most states still have social distancing guidelines in place. Luckily, IoT technology has made it easier for people to stay safe and healthy. Here are some ways IoT technology is keeping us safe.

The most useful and convenient tool for social distancing promotion is right in your pocket. Today’s smartphones come with a range of functions that promote keeping a safe distance. We send messages and documents virtually through these devices, eliminating exposure to people. But now it’s gone one step further. Through the partnership of Google and Apple, COVID tracking is available on all smartphone devices. This system allows users to see if they may have been near someone with COVID-19, perhaps at school or the grocery store. Health updates and augmented reality also increase the contact tracing utility of smart phones.

Wearable Proximity Alarms
Many business owners have turned to wearables to ensure social distancing. Employees wear smart wristbands or IDs that communicate with others to measure the distance between people. If two employees get too close together, the wearables beep to alert them. The NFL, for example, used smart wristbands to promote social distancing and track players’ whereabouts in case they were near someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This immensely helps employees stay distant from one another even when they can’t see others. In a warehouse, for example, they may not be able to see another worker until they’re too close. These beeping wearables ensure they don’t have to stay alert to stay distant.

AI Cameras
Small workspaces can make it difficult to keep people socially distanced, and employees can’t always keep track of customers who aren’t distancing, but cameras equipped with AI software can help. AI cameras analyze camera feeds to see if people are staying 6 feet apart. They have the ability to alert employees if people are repeatedly getting too close and show open areas where people could move to instead. Small businesses will be able to promote social distancing more effectively with this IoT technology.

Smart City Sensors
As city’s become smarter, they begin to feature more sensors in various pieces of infrastructure. In some cases, these systems have come in handy as a useful social distancing tool, feeding readings from these sensors into an AI analytics program that shows where people tend to gather and if they are social distancing. Researchers and city authorities can then measure the efficacy of distancing policies and decide if new ones should be put in place.

Laser Measuring Tools
Contractors have a tough time staying distant when they need to inspect client’ homes or offices, but laser measuring tools can help them work without needing to get close. Many of these tools can connect to phones, too, making them even more convenient.

Manufacturers and business owners are having to adapt to the changing IoT technology needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means future jobs will involve different skills, solutions and, in some cases, higher educational requirements. That’s why staying up-to-date with the latest training and certifications is important to help you further your career and protect your employees. EPTAC offers a variety of online and in-person solder training courses and IPC certifications to assist you with your education needs.

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