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Increase Quality, Efficiency & Profits with Solder Training & IPC Certification

Posted on 22st February, 2018 by Leo Lambert

Electronics manufacturers must seize every opportunity to differentiate themselves amongst competition by producing quality products, while remaining profitable. Balancing the efficient production of high quality products, while ensuring a return on the bottom line, can be difficult without the right strategy and standards. With the right training and education, however, increased production – and profitability – can be accomplished and managed.

When your staff receives solder training and various IPC certifications, your credibility increases as a trustworthy industry leader by demonstrating a commitment to following the most widely accepted set of industry standards. With proper training and certifications, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate quality standards, improve production efficiency, and ultimately increase profits.

Industry Competition

A recent industry analysis highlights the size and scope of the electronics manufacturing segment, predicting its value to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2021, a substantial increase from its 2016 $1.4 trillion valuation. The report also suggests that because of increased demand for EMS services, the contract manufacturing industry will grow by 5.3% in the next 4 years to $551 billion. Given the size, consistent growth, and relative maturity of the industry, companies must continue to certify or recertify staff in accordance with IPC standards to demonstrate a commitment to consistent, high-quality production and remain competitive.

Quality Standards

If consistency is key, then consider IPC education as an all-encompassing locksmith. Solder training and IPC certification courses provide students with the necessary knowledge and accept/reject criteria to produce at each level in the manufacturing process based on the most up-to date industry standards. This allows for consistent production which translates into homogenous, high-quality end products resulting in increased consumer trust and significantly less defects.


Solder training and IPC certification also enable recipients to increase efficiency. Once consistent production is achieved, a reduction in rework and defects as well as reduced unit-labor time often follows. Cross channel communication can also improve when industry partners follow IPC guidelines and employ the same language in their processes. This is significant, particularly when supply chain partners are international. For example, differences in national regulations and environmental variations can impede timely production. A universal production language can reduce, if not prevent, channel delays. With all employees operating under the same set of guidelines and standards, streamlined production results, thus improving efficiency.


If consistent production yields higher efficiency, it’s no surprise that receiving IPC certifications and solder training also results in increased profits. The production time saved as a result of consistent and efficient production and decrease in reworks can translate into substantial savings and corresponding profit.

The knowledge obtained through IPC certification and solder training courses helps employees efficiently produce consistent, quality products while contributing to increased profits. Certification can be obtained after attending and completing appropriate courses at IPC-certified training centers. To find centers near you, view course offerings, and obtain the necessary training, contact the industry professionals at EPTAC. Their knowledgeable instructors and experts will work with you and your team to ensure IPC compliance to improve upon existing production methods.


For over 30 years EPTAC has been a leading provider of solder training and IPC certification. We provide professionals with the tools and training they need to advance their careers and improve their businesses. With 14 locations across North America, our solutions and instructional staff provide an easy access to knowledge that will enhance your business model and help you both meet and exceed industry demands. For more information call 800.643.7822 or contact us.

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