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J-STD-001ES Space Addendum Requirements for IPC Certification

Posted on 5st May, 2011 by Mark Pilkington

J-STD-001ES was officially released in December 2010 and is available as free download at www.ipc.org/downloads. IPC has just released the J-STD-001ES Space Addendum training program this month and we’ve learned there are changes to the training program requirements that will impact user’s Space Addendum certification.

While IPC certifications in general are not revision specific, the relationship between the J-STD-001 base document and the space addendum requires the 001 E training program be revision specific.

The 001ES cannot be used with any earlier versions of 001, only with 001E. Older space addendum standards (DS) and the associated DS training cannot be used with 001E—only with 001D.

The 001ES has a unique requirement established by the industry committee that approves this training program. Instructors now have to be 001E Certified in order to become ES Certified. CITs that were previously DS certified CANNOT purchase or use the ES CIS training materials without first becoming ES CIT certified.

All 001 CITs currently certified to Revision E and previously to the DS Space Addendum will need to become certified as ES Space Addendum CIT. They will then be eligible to purchase the new Rev E Space Addendum CIS Training materials from EPTAC. Challenge testing the 001E recert course and/or the 001ES written exam is a shortcut option for individuals trained to a previous version such as 001D/DS.

All 001 CITs and CISs recertifying their certifications and Space Addendum certifications will need to plan to attend the appropriate 001E recert class and the ES certification class. Support for previous versions of 001 and space addendum training is available for companies that are not yet ready to move to Revision E.

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