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Our Customer Support Keeps Getting Better – Welcome Cheryl Fisher to EPTAC

Posted on 19st December, 2012 by Mark Pilkington

Cheryl FisherThere is a new face in town and she brings to EPTAC a bright and enthusiastic
energy towards the support of not only internal operations, but overall customer support and care. Welcome Cheryl Fisher to her new roll in Operations & Customer Support at EPTAC.

As EPTAC continues to grow, the demand for customer service and maintaining it at the highest standard possible, always needs to be addressed. With over eighteen (18) years of customer service and support experience as a manager of multiple projects, Cheryl is doing just that.

Cheryl has basically had a “baptism by fire”. She has attended several EPTAC programs, met with customers, worked with staff and worked to understand the little idiosyncrasies that make EPTAC a great place to work at and a rewarding customer experience for the people we meet. Reporting to Brenda Clunie, Vice President and Director of Operations, Cheryl will continue to absorb tasks from Brenda as the demand for services increases. “Cheryl is a perfect complement to the EPTAC Team and has seamlessly adopted the culture and support ethic we give to all of our customers”, noted Brenda.

So the next time you need a question addressed, a class coordinated, or just want a helping hand, the person on the other end of the line or email, might just be Cheryl and her “We Can Do That!” charm. Please join us in welcoming her to the EPTAC Team.

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