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3 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

Posted on 2st September, 2021 by EPTAC Staff

IoT in the energy industry benefits just about everybody, from the energy providers to the maintenance crews working on the grid, and the energy-users relying on a steady flow of electricity. But with so many energy-users, comes high levels of energy consumption. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that the world’s energy consumption will increase by 50% between 2018 and 2050. Which means that we need to work harder, and smarter, to find ways to reduce this energy consumption. That’s where IoT comes in. IoT devices are low-energy and remarkably efficient. Here are 3 ways IoT can revolutionize the energy industry and reduce the world’s overall energy consumption.

Resource Optimization

With the data IoT can collect, it allows for better resource optimization within the energy industry. How? Think of a smart thermostat, for example. A smart thermostat can help homeowners maintain constant temperatures or shift automatically with changing weather, allowing homeowners to optimize their HVAC usage and lower energy bills. Heavy machinery and equipment with IoT technology can experience the same benefits by reducing fuel costs, energy consumption, and even waste.

Sustainability and Disaster Preparedness

IoT technology allows for greater and more accurate communication between the grid, nodes, and power companies due to the data IoT collects. Power companies will automatically have a better idea why certain grids are going down and can create prediction models, allowing them to devise better responses to power outages. This prediction and response results in higher sustainability and improved disaster preparedness.

Greater Automation

The algorithmic and data-driven processes of IoT make it possible for greater advanced automation in the energy industry, as well as more accurate and advanced levels of automation. For example, imagine a power grid that cuts back on power generation when demand is lower and increases as demand grows. This automation could lead to greater sustainability in the long run as well as energy efficiency for consumers. That’s the kind of application that’s possible when IoT technology becomes more ingrained with the energy industry and operations.

There is a realm of possibilities for IoT solutions that can help transform the energy industry. As the world of IoT transforms both our personal lives and the energy industry, staying up-to-date with the latest training and certifications, with respect to electronics design and assembly, is important to advance your industry, evolve your career, and empower your employees. EPTAC offers a variety of solder training courses and online IPC certifications.


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