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Everyday AI is Here, Examples You Might Not Notice

Posted on 23st October, 2019 by Leo Lambert

For decades Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been thought of as a futuristic technology with the potential to greatly affect our society. As technology has improved, it’s become even more apparent that AI will become a huge aspect of our future. Although, what many OEMs may not realize is that even though the AI market is still growing, everyday AI is having a huge impact on how people interact with technology, right now.

Web Searches and AI

In the past, search engine algorithms ranked web pages based on factors that became easy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts to manipulate. These experts were able to take their content to the front pages of these search engines, but these simple ranking systems hurt the search engines. Because they were so simple to manipulate, quality content didn’t rise to the front page of their search engines and something needed to change.

This is where AI can help greatly. A former workaround to these shady SEO practices was human intervention, which ensured the quality of high-ranking content. By using learning AI, search engines can base their rankings from set optimal lists which change over time. For example, “if one result on a search engine is ranking third but has a higher click-through rate than the options above it, the search engine would learn from this anomaly and bump that result to the top.”

AI Social Media Integration

Everyday AI has already become prevalent when it comes to social media algorithms, but an area where you still might not have noticed its impact is in image recognition. AI can tag and recognize photos uploaded to social media. This may not seem very impressive at first, but each year 657 billion photos are posted digitally. AI can search through social media for images that resemble that of Coke, Pepsi, or any other brand that may be using the AI at that moment.

This has a huge impact on advertisers who are now able to track their social media mentions, even if the photo posted on social media lacked a caption. Using AI in this scenario is much faster and more reliable than a human would be, and this data is invaluable to brands attempting to grow.

Stores and Services Incorporating AI

When it comes to the incorporation of everyday AI into stores, each implementation is finding a new and unique use based on the services they provide. One of the most interesting examples of this is LoweBot, a robot who roams Lowes stores asking customers simple questions to help them find what they are looking for. The LoweBot can provide directions, share specialty product knowledge and even monitor inventory for a store.

Over the coming years, everyday AI integration is only going to become more prevalent in our society. OEMs act quickly to capture a portion of this growing market segment. To meet the increasing demand for AI technology we recommend contacting the knowledgeable professionals at EPTAC to make sure your staff receives the necessary IPC certifications and training to succeed in the space.


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