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What 5G Means for OEMs in Healthcare and Automotive

Posted on 21st August, 2018 by Leo Lambert

With AI and IoT remaining primary drivers in technological innovation, it’s important to understand how 5G connectivity will amplify product demand and wireless capabilities. Limited not only to smart phones and homes, the increased bandwidth and enhanced data sharing capacity is enabling the development of transformative technology in a variety of industries.

What is 5G?

A term coined to describe the fifth generation of mobile communication networks, 5G has been deemed by many experts as the next wireless revolution. Not only will 5G technology feature faster data sharing speeds, reduced latency delays and overall increased connectivity, but it will also allow for augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) to become more commonplace and reliable, thus enabling many industries to enjoy the enhanced capabilities.

While the complete commercialization of 5G has yet to be realized, early adopters and market leaders have already begun rolling out game changing products in industries like healthcare and automotive. With experts projecting 5G’s worth to grow from $2.6bn to $33.72bn between 2020-2026, more industries will seize the opportunity to expand their technological capabilities, meaning OEMs can anticipate a significant increase in demand for 5G-enabled communicative products.


With each day, cars once deemed science fiction are becoming the cars of tomorrow. Where consumers once had to estimate curb proximity when parallel parking, their cars can now park themselves. With the help of 5G powered AI, AR, and IoT, today’s futuristic vehicles are more connected than ever. The increased bandwidth of 5G allows for more detailed 3D mapping and sensory data sharing in V2V (M2M) communications.

The power of 5G will only further the development of fully autonomous cars as communicative capabilities elevate V2V to V2X, or “vehicle to everything,” communication. This enhancement translates into more efficient traffic patterns, a reduction of harmful fossil fuel emissions, and above all, improved safety as vehicles become more aware of the surrounding environment. With 5G, the focus of automotive OEMs is now on the rider experience and designing features around the individual.


Like most industries, the healthcare sector is also projected to gain from the commercialization of 5G. Qualcomm’s EVP of technology described 5G as an opportunity to use this network “as a reliable technology in hospitals,” and went on to say that it could enable the development of “highly reliable systems that medical professionals can depend on.” 5G’s data sharing abilities, coupled with IoT sensors, will allow for better monitoring of patients with chronic illnesses and improve overall treatments and diagnoses.

Many OEMs have already begun developing products to capture this growing market, producing wearable sensors that monitor UV intake and recommend health strategies based on internal readings and devices and apps that aid in rebuilding damaged lungs of cardiovascular patients.

After analyzing the projected impact of commercialized 5G across the automotive and healthcare industries, it is clear that there is an opportunity in many other sectors to capture the demand of 5G compatible, communicative products.

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